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What is a Capability?  

The right combination of software and expertise required to achieve a specific, desired outcome, such as managing and mitigating risks within your vendor landscape.

SureCloud is the only company that can bring together the perfect combination of Gartner-recognized GRC software and deep domain consulting expertise in one place, to create . These Capabilities help you achieve desired outcomes faster and with more confidence.




Manage third-party risks with the right combination of software and expertise

Through our unique, Capability-based approach, we equip you with the software and expertise you need to manage third-party risk – all delivered precisely at the point you need it. 



Transform your third-party risk management program into a streamlined and effortless operation with our Gartner-recognized IT Vendor Risk Management software.


Get access to our world-class Consultants who will design customized processes for you and an optimized third-party risk management methodology.

You benefit from the SureCloud Platform, where our software and expertise converge. Our cloud-based platform enables all supplier risk management data to be secured and centralized, eliminating siloes, and provides your teams with unified, consistent workflows and tools to manage all third-party risk-related activities, including remediation, and reporting.



Build a clear view of your technology providers and the risks they pose

Ensure your third-party risk management program provides the required level of protection, with a centralized view of key risk factors and ongoing initiatives.

Develop a robust process for vetting third-party products and services 

Efficiently identify and mitigate potential risk and rapidly assess suppliers, to reduce onboarding lead times.

Ensure all strategic vendors deliver a robust and safe service

Significantly reduce the potential for third-party vulnerabilities disrupting your operations or causing data breaches, with comprehensive assurance activities.

Deliver real-time reporting which provides insights to your senior leaders

Transform from time-consuming, manual processes to achieve real-time visualizations of your overall third-party risk management program, providing clarity to all stakeholders within the organization.

3 steps to seamless third-party risk management

Our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Capability aligns with SureCloud’s IMAR Framework (Identify, Manage, Assure, Remediate). 

Through our combination of software and expertise, we can help you: 

1. Identify

  • Understand your TPRM program requirements and objectives 
  • Define and review the scope and target state of your TPRM program 
  • Determine your organization’s vendor tiering and categorization logic, in line with risk appetite  
  • Document and record a central list of your suppliers and engagements 
  • Establish your categories and question sets to assess your suppliers  
  • Leverage native integrations to obtain real-time insights from leading vendor risk-rating providers 


2. Manage & Assure

  • Orchestrate all aspects of your organization’s TPRM program 
  • Implement a specialized and optimized workflow to ensure key supplier risks are identified and managed appropriately 
  • Conduct tiering assessments to classify and identify business-critical suppliers  
  • Oversee vendor assessments on critical suppliers then review the responses to identify risks 
  • Where needed, conduct deep-dive vendor audits to gain an extra level of assurance  
  • Report on third-party risk status and progress to gain deeper visibility into your overall TPRM program 

3. Remediate

  • Manage all issues discovered within the Identify phase 
  • Document actions and exceptions to remediate findings from your Assure activities 
  • Agree on timeline and actions to remediate or accept all key risks and vulnerabilities 
  • Track the progress of all remediation tasks in real-time 
  • Clearly report on and demonstrate the progress that has been made 

What’s included

Our Third-Party Risk Management Capability is available at two different subscription levels, with the option to upgrade to additional Internal Audit software.