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Compliance Management Capability

Comply with regulations, standards, and frameworks with confidence and ease.

Manage compliance with the right combination of software and expertise

Through our unique, Capability-based approach, we equip you with the software and expertise you need to manage compliance; all delivered precisely at the point you need it.


Transform your compliance program into a streamlined and effortless operation with our best-in-class, Gartner-recognized Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software.


Get access to our world-class consultants who provide you with the prebuilt processes and methodology you need to run your compliance program.

What’s more, because our software and expertise are delivered together via the SureCloud Platform, you benefit from a single, centralized hub where all compliance and related activities can occur, with unified remediation and reporting.

Get a single, consolidated view of compliance

Ensure your Compliance program provides the required level of protection with a centralized view of ongoing initiatives.

Accelerate and simplify your compliance activities

Unlock accelerated time-to-value with fast-start initiatives that streamline and simplify compliance activities.

Identify and mitigate areas of non-compliance

Significantly reduce the potential for data breaches and associated fines with proactive compliance activities and testing.

Unlock the value of agile decisioning

Transform from time-consuming, manual processes to achieve real-time visualizations of your overall Compliance Management program, providing clarity to all stakeholders within the organization.

3 steps to superior compliance management

Our Compliance Management Capability aligns with SureCloud’s IMAR Framework (Identify, Manage & Assure, Remediate).

Whether you’re new to this and have no idea where to start or have a mature program that requires underpinning with modern technology, SureCloud provides the Capabilities you need to achieve your compliance goals in a transparent, joined-up, and measurable way.

We can help you:

1. Identify

Understand your Compliance requirements and objectives

Define and review the scope and target state of your Compliance program

Establish your organization’s baseline control maturity against one or more compliance requirement and identify any control gaps

Document your assets and processes and assess their criticality to the organization

Gain visibility into the level of maturity of your Compliance program and how to elevate your strategy

6. Manage & Assure

Manage your organization’s Compliance program to ensure the security of business-critical assets and processes

Assess and monitor controls to demonstrate compliance to internal and external stakeholders

Manage the definition and updates to your organization’s control framework

Identify your critical controls, then document and agree on the control test plan and schedule

Conduct control assessments and stakeholder interviews to identify control gaps and issues

Highly granular reporting to gain deeper visibility into your overall Risk Management program

Identify risk treatment options and manage remediation and exceptions requests

13. Remediate

Manage all control gaps and instances of non-compliance discovered within the Manage & Assure phase

Document actions and exceptions to remediate findings from your Manage & Assure activities

Agree on timeline and actions to remediate or accept all key risks

Track the progress of all remediation tasks in real-time

Clearly report on and demonstrate the progress that has been made

Compliance regulations, standards, and frameworks we support

We support compliance efforts individually or in combination with multiple requirements, including but not limited to the following:

SureCloud Capability subscriptions

Our Manage Compliance Capability is underpinned by our software and expertise, and can be purchased as different subscription types, based on your needs.