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SureCloud provides Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) applications and Cybersecurity services that give our customers certainty – of risk management/compliance, of cybersecurity, of having answers today and tomorrow.

Established in 2006, SureCloud is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in the United States. SureCloud has more than 400 customers throughout the UK and US from the Retail, Financial Services, Government and other sectors.

We exist to help chief information security officers, CIOs, risk and compliance leaders, legal teams and others answer critical questions:

  • Are we managing risk or is risk managing us?
  • Are we compliant? Is our information technology secure?
  • Are we certain . . . today, tomorrow?

Our goal is that our customers not only have answers to these questions but also “certainty of knowing.” That’s why our brand promise is Always Be Certain.

Our applications are Cloud-based on the SureCloud® Platform, which is easy to add, easy to learn and easy to use. We’ve engineered the SureCloud Platform to be agile, flexible, simple but powerful.

When customers choose SureCloud and tell us why, they often start by saying we’re friendly, easy to work with and accessible. They find us authentic, eager, honest and trustworthy.

They like our highly accredited cybersecurity experts and our domain expertise in GRC. They like that we understand they live in a world of uncertainty, increased regulation and minute to minute anxiety about something going wrong. They like that we care.

They also like that our fit-to-purpose applications actually solve the problems they were designed for. They like our SureCloud Platform and initially find it too simple and easy to use until they realize that smart phones are deceptively “simple” too.

They like that our apps and technology are accessible from the Cloud. They like faster time to value compared to the complex installs and painful upgrades of inflexible onsite options. Even auditor-friendly. Auditors, after all, are humans too. We believe we make their lives better as well.

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