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Here’s a glance at our SureCloud/BitSight datasheet…

BitSight & SureCloud Together…

Companies can maximize their investment in BitSight by entering security ratings into SureCloud’s vendor risk management solution to assist in validating assessment responses. BitSight provides an automated security rating to help understand how well vendors are managing information security risk. The advantage of this partnership includes removing subjective vendor prioritization and improved automation leading to more informed decision-making.

With SureCloud, organizations can launch an automated vendor risk management process that is up and running in days. The process is simple-to-use for rookies and veterans alike. Your team can focus on vendor risks, while SureCloud handles the technology for you.

The Joint Offering

  • Integrate BitSight security ratings into SureCloud vendor profiles and assessments
  • Ensure the correct questions are automatically selected before being sent to your vendors.
  • Allow you to categorize vendors and associated risks in one portal using BitSight’s security ratings.
  • Speed up the process of onboarding, assessing, and reporting vendor assessments.
  • Provide you with thorough insights through centralized, live dashboards, and reporting.

Download the PDF datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


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