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Increase the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program

With SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management solution, you can evolve your point-in-time vulnerability and penetration test data to actionable information to influence management’s business decisions. SureCloud provides a single view to link data from different vulnerability sources to business processes, products, services, locations, and IT infrastructure. You will then be able to demonstrate the efficacy of your vulnerability management activities by communicating cyber security risks in the language that your board of directors will understand.

Centralized source of data

SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management software provides a central repository for all your vulnerability data, which includes direct feeds from on demand or scheduled internally or externally performed scans. Similarly, penetration test results can also be important or fed into the SureCloud platform.

Streamline and automate

Apply logic and automate task workflow, getting to the remediation stage where you implement the controls to protect your organization is a much quicker process.

Prioritize and assign accountability

Your vulnerabilities can be linked to information assets, key systems, business units, and company departments, allowing your team a mechanism to strategically prioritize and assign accountability for remediation efforts based on highest areas of risk.

Achieve clarity and oversight

Most organizations use several vulnerability scanning tools and 3rd party consultants to assess their network and system vulnerabilities. With different sources, it becomes difficult to consolidate both the results, risk scores, and remediaUsing SureCloud’s API set, you will be able to set up feeds into SureCloud from your disparate vulnerability data sources, as well as your internal IT ticketing system, to provide a centralized view for management of cyber security risk in your environment, while allowing your staff to work within their current tool sets.

Download the Vulnerability Management Datasheet here.

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