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The solution to your implementation time and resource challenges

Does your organization want a simple implementation without facing timescales in excess of 6 months?

Are you worried about the spiraling cost associated with enterprise GRC solutions?

Do you not have the time to develop key project documents such as functional, business and technical requirements?

Quick time to value as recognized by Gartner

SureCloud’s fixed priced implementation Accelerate Service is based on GRC industry best practices and aims to help you achieve your organization’s needs. SureCloud’s GRC professionals have created pre-configured solutions, to ensure your application is ready to go in weeks, rather than years.

Feel supported from the outset

SureCloud’s Accelerate implementation service provides you with a pre-built solution with supporting requirements, design, and training documents that can be tailored to your organization. 

Aligning your GRC solution to industry best practices and accelerated delivery timescales.

Gain control of your GRC costs

Remain fully in control of your costs with our fixed price implementation. SureCloud provides flexible pricing options based on the complexity of your organizational requirements so you can feel assured the solution meets your bespoke needs.

Flexing to your business’ way of working

Our cloud-based offering will grow with your organization’s needs over time as Accelerate’s GRC services are built using a modular approach enabling full integration across all of your SureCloud GRC applications.

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