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Implement in days, not in months or years

Most GRC software solutions are implemented with an army of expensive consultants, making it hard to demonstrate the return on investment with an elongated wait for “go live.” SureCloud’s sophisticated cloud-based platform can be rapidly deployed with out-of-the-box templates and workflow, or with highly specific configuration requirements, from typical timeframes of 1-6 weeks. SureCloud’s focus on customer success begins with our Professional Services team leading you through a tested and proven GRC software implementation methodology, from planning to go-live, to end-user training.

Avoid the traditional pain of implementing software projects

GRC projects and user adoption are difficult and the lack of clarity around requirements can be one of the biggest challenges to getting a software implementation live.

SureCloud’s GRC Implementation process is based on tested project methodology. Our experienced consultants have successfully implemented tools for a variety of industries and sizes of organizations.

Your organization can leverage…

  • Quicker time-to-value to deliver your GRC solution
  • Dedicated implementation consultants and project lead
  • Flexible implementation approaches to fit your organization

SureCloud’s Suite of Implementation Services include:

Traditional Implementation

An agile GRC implementation based on a secured timeline with the user. Can customize custom and existing solutions that will be built to fit your organization. Leverage proven, structured and repeatable implementation approach.

Accelerate (Fixed Cost Implementation)

Rapid implementation and fixed-priced so you can stay in control of the costs. Based on our prebuilt GRC solutions aligned to industry best practice. We pre-define business requirements and project documentation.

Support your Implementation with SureCloud’s Training Workshops

SureCloud’s GRC solution training puts our GRC application into context for you, helping your end-users understand why the solution is important to them and how they can directly benefit.

Kickstart your GRC implementation journey using SureCloud’s Accelerate GRC implementation services.

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Our GRC software training puts our GRC products into context for you, by teaching your end users why the solution is important to them and how they can directly benefit. We can train groups of users or your in-house trainers, our workshops can be presentation-led or computer-based learning.

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