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White paper Aim: To aid those creating vendor-risk questionnaires as part of a third-party risk program.

This whitepaper is the full Third-Party Risk Management blog series and is designed to assist those in writing third party questionnaires as part of a TPRM Program.


What will the white paper cover?

The whitepaper outlines 5 key steps needed to create an effective Vendor Risk Management Questionnaire, including…

  • How to combat assessment fatigue
  • Is quantitative or qualitative research more effective?
  • How human nature affects the reliability of your respondent’s answers



What is the reason for third-party risk management or ‘due diligence’ assessments?

They are the primary mechanism by which organizations are assessing the threats introduced by third parties.

This mechanism relies on two things to be true to be effective:

  1. The responder (the person providing the information on behalf of the organization being assessed) is replying truthfully and completely.
  2. The questions being asked are relevant to assessing the risks

There have been many articles and conference speakers who have questioned the effectiveness of the due diligence assessment, but unfortunately, the alternatives require alignment to a common standard and/or investment. Neither of which has gained traction and as such, the assessment remains the most popular option. As the organization asking the questions only has limited influence over the responding organization, through contractual obligations and commercial commitments.


How can we improve?

We need to look into how the questions are being asked and if any improvements can be made. SureCloud has researched broader practices around surveys and as well as the psychology behind respondents, therefore we have created this paper to help organizations in writing better questions to get better information.


Download the full white paper below!


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