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Download the full Max does Cybersecurity Datasheet at the bottom of the page!

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Do these challenges sound familiar?

Organizations need to continually adapt their cybersecurity functions in response to internal and external events; transformational changes such as remote working, migration to the cloud, or investments in new technologies. Responding to this ever evolving landscape is tough and brings with it a host of difficult decisions and unknown threats, especially when faced with challenges that include:

  • Managing the need for a broad array of cyber and risk skills, with peaks and troughs in demand, on finite budgets
  • Making complex decisions without the assurance of expert opinions
  • Understanding and managing your cybersecurity posture and journey to maturity
  • Running many cybersecurity projects, without a holistic view of activities or progress
  • Becoming a victim of an unexpected incident with no process or precedent, and with no one to turn to for advice

Introducing Max, The Solution

SureCloud’s Max does Cybersecurity will give you effective visibility of your cybersecurity posture, helping you to understand what’s important and what you need to pay attention to. The solution also provides access to industry-leading cybersecurity services, risk and compliance application software, and expert advice to validate your business-critical decisions, all as part of an easy to consume subscription service with no hidden costs or surprises.

Key Benefits

Max has three levels of subscription, designed to help organizations looking to establish a program, through to those with mature processes already in place. By subscribing to any one of the levels that Max does Cybersecurity offers, you will be able to realize the following benefits:

  • No need to recruit full-time experts used for a fraction of the time
  • Confidence that all the bases are covered with access to a large, accredited team who hold diverse skills from penetration testing to cybersecurity program management and oversight
  • Visibility of risk and levels of improvement through the Gartner recognized GRC applications to support analysis, reporting, and remediation
  • A cost-effective solution for your cybersecurity challenge through a flexible subscription cost model
  • Peace of mind regarding emerging threats with up to date training and briefings
  • Assurance from a trusted partner to take your concerns away

Max will provide you with the confidence that your organization’s cyber risks are in good and capable hands.

“This is a brilliant product/service & represents real value to those of us running complex programs with small teams!” Jake Bernardes, Head of Information Security at SingleStore 

Download the datasheet at the bottom of the page to read in full how Max works.

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Max Does Cybersecurity Datasheet

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