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Publish your policies and standards in one place – and monitor they are being followed

To build culture and meet various stakeholder expectations, effective policies need to be adhered to and enforced. Store your policies on a smart platform where you can also tie and perform your controls assessments against those policies and standards, and link incidents. This cross-program visibility helps you evolve your company requirements to realistic, implemented procedures. Root cause of findings and incidents come full circle and result in policy revisions to prevent future issues.


Policy Exceptions Management

No matter how good your policy is, there will always be business exceptions. Monitor and ensure that these exceptions are approved, time boxed, and the risk owner accepts the potential vulnerability exposed due to the lack of compliance.

Enjoy better attestation rates with SureCloud

SureCloud not only serves as a central place for your policies and standards to be stored, managed, and viewed; you can also use this portal to track employee and vendor adherence to your policies and procedures, as well as report on their compliance.

SureCloud’s Policy Management software gives employees quick, easy access to the latest policy and procedure documents that apply to them. You can reduce confusion over which policies to review, increase attestation rates via notifications and produce reminder emails to help to embed policies into your place of work.

Streamline and Automate

SureCloud’s Policy Management software can link to policy sources in external document management solutions or file systems and push notifications to end-users when updated or new policies need to be reviewed.

Gain clarity and oversight

Your Policy Management program and its effectiveness can be tracked in real time through live dashboard charts and reports within SureCloud’s Policy Management solution. Meaning you can focus on ensuring the right policies are available and then monitoring attestation rates on a granular level.

Why choose SureCloud’s Policy Management?


Track which teams and individuals are reading and understanding policies.


Effectively manage and communicate change with automated notifications to the relevant business users.


Easily navigate structure for policies with intuitive user interface for any employee to operate.

Download the Policy Management Datasheet here. 

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