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Provide context for your data and information assets

Whether you’re seeking regulatory compliance, tightening your cybersecurity posture or managing your data privacy program, tracking your in-scope data, or assessing your systems’ vulnerabilities, none of these assessments matter to executive management or the board of directors if there is no business context. Your key data, systems and information assets must have context for related owners, regulatory requirements, vendors, departments, and business processes.

Sync with your CMDB or inventory systems

Many companies have single or multiple CMDBs or inventories. Syncing this information with the SureCloud GRC platform results in a single pane of glass for the business context, regulatory and compliance posture, remediation status, and risk score for the asset.

Answer the question: “So what?”

SureCloud’s Information Asset Management software serves as a central repository and workflow engine to store and collect important context for your physical and information assets, such as the data subjects, volumes held, retention periods, and regulatory, and compliance scope.

Linking this information with related business departments, operational processes, locations, applications and infrastructure helps to bring context to how these assets impact day-to-day business operations.

Gain a greater understanding

Uniquely, SureCloud’s Information Asset Management solution can also connect both internal and external vulnerability scanning data to your information assets to ensure you fully understand the risks associated with those assets.

Download the Information Asset and Organizational Management Datasheet here.

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