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Simplify your compliance processes

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution enables you to:

  1. Easily set up your compliance program using SureCloud’s preloaded control library
  2. Set up manual and automated metrics to continuously monitor compliance
  3. Test multiple controls to understand compliance against any regulation, standard and framework
  4. Gain greater visibility of your overall compliance program and identify overlaps, deficiencies, and gaps

Reduce time and optimize

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution offers an overarching solution to meet any regulation or standard. Access to pre-mapped control content from the Secure Control Framework (SCF) and industry standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, NIST, COBIT, and ISO. Controls are defined centrally then easily implemented, in bulk against multiple assets, processes, departments, and business entities.

End to end Compliance Management

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution enables you to manage your compliance program effectively by providing a complete, out-of-the-box solution to manage policies, regulatory changes, and the lifecycle of your controls.

A single view of compliance

View and manage your compliance program as a whole or drill into specific regulations and standards by viewing the level of compliance in real-time via live dashboards and reports.

Secure Controls Framework (SCF) Adoption

Organizations can now access SCF’s control set through SureCloud’s cloud-based Compliance solution. This provides platform users with the ability to load any of SCF’s controls directly into your control library, along with all of the regulatory mappings and associated data.

The partnership enables users to review and implement the SCF’s controls quickly and efficiently, and then operationalize the controls using the maturity and implementation guidelines. SCF and SureCloud allow organizations to identify immediately, what controls it needs to protect and comply with its regulatory drivers.

Why use SureCloud’s solution for your regulatory compliance obligations?


Standardize and streamline your compliance initiatives across multiple business functions, geographies, and IT assets.


Easily provide compliance program information to executives and auditors, and monitor progress on testing and remediation activities.


Understand compliance and ensure that remediation activities are prioritized and carried out in a timely fashion.

Download the Compliance Management Datasheet here.

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of large companies make some effort to measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs


billion dollars is the largest compliance fine in EU history


of organizations have designated Chief Compliance Officers

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