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Say goodbye to the pain of spreadsheets

Designed to automate spreadsheet-driven, manual processes with a rapid deployment model, the SureCloud platform allows you to leverage existing data and systems by moving your spreadsheets to the cloud. And this does not have to take an army or a million-dollar investment. Demonstrate success in new ways of working your GRC program in days, not months or years.

Limited staff? No problem!

Many SaaS solutions require your team to manage any configuration and administrative tasks to keep the system up and running. With SureCloud, we take this burden off our customers with our GRC Admin-on-Demand service. Post-implementation, SureCloud will take care of user administration, and tweaks to your workflow and templates as needed as part of your ongoing support services. This allows your limited and valuable GRC staff to focus on what they do best: analysis and working with your methodology and risk stakeholders. They don’t spend time with manual administrative tasks and worrying about system updates.

Simplify and automate

The intuitive user experience, powerful data aggregation with a few clicks, and pre-built intelligent forms help you simplify and cut through risk and compliance complexity.

The SureCloud platform is helping our customers gain and sustain their risk, compliance, governance, and data privacy programs with efficiency while provided valuable insights that are meaningful to the executive team.

You can download the SureCloud Platform Datasheet here. 

SureCloud’s Information Asset Management system provides organizations with a common understanding of what physical and electronic data they hold, where it is physically stored and their respective levels of data sensitivity and classification.

Read more about Information Asset and Organizational Management 

SureCloud’s Policy Management software solution gives employees quick, easy access to the latest documents that apply to them so that you can reduce confusion over which policies to review, enjoy better attestation rates and help embed policies into place in your workplace.

Read more about Policy Management

SureCloud’s Risk Management solution provides a streamlined, structured approach to risk management and a central view of risk across the enterprise. SureCloud’s Risk Management software solution allows organizations to identify, assess and manage risks of all types across divisions, business units, business functions, and geographies.

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SureCloud’s Risk Management for IRAM2 solution has been developed in conjunction with key ISF community members and designed with the fundamental objectives of repeatability, efficiency, and usability in mind.

Read more about Risk Management for IRAM2

SureCloud’s Incident Management software centralizes, automates and simplifies incident management by providing a framework for tracking context, consistency and continuous improvement to the process of handing incidents.

Read more about Incident Management

SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software helps you create a centralized register of your third parties, build and automatically send out assessments.

As well as consolidate all of the responses and provide a flexible dashboard and reporting framework, which means you can finally have a comprehensive view across those third parties and the risk they may pose to your organization.

Read more about Third Party Risk Management

SureCloud’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) software provided automation and supports the process of obtaining and then remaining compliant with ISO 27001 certification.

Read more about ISMS Management

SureCloud’s Compliance Management software includes centralized control libraries that are pre-populated with standards and regulations, which can be referenced by multiple departments or business entities.

Individuals or groups are assigned ownership to assess the effectiveness and maturity of controls; allowing compliance professionals to focus on risk mitigation activities. Exceptions for each control can be logged, and any improvement activities delegated to facilitators.

Read more about Compliance Management

Protect and manage your payment systems from security breaches in line with PCI DSS’ requirements using SureCloud’s powerful PCI DSS compliance software. Our software helps you to maintain full responsibility of the Compliance program for PCI. As well as document and capture details from various stakeholders easily and effectively.

Read more about Compliance Management for PCI

SureCloud’s GDPR Management software helps you facilitate the creation, distribution, and management of DPIA’s, collect and manage Subject Access Requests, document your Article 30 records of processing activities as well as track the transfers of data within your organisation.

Read more about GDPR Management Solution

SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management tools provides a central repository for all your vulnerability data, which includes direct feeds from many vulnerability scanning tools (including vulnerability scan scheduling) and supports penetration test data upload. Vulnerabilities can be linked to information assets and business processes, allowing your team to focus remediation efforts on the highest areas risk.

Read more about Vulnerability Management

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