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Integrate third-party risk into the overall organizational risk framework

SureCloud’s Vendor Risk Management solution provides a holistic view of third-party risk within your organization. Integrate third-party risk into the wider IT risk management processes and data privacy program such as GDPR.

Generate context for a more accurate view of vendor risk

SureCloud empowers you to create a centralized register of your third-parties, establish vendor impact tiers, and dynamically generate assessments with questions appropriate for the context (tier, services/products, and access) of the third party provides.

SureCloud’s Vendor Risk Management software allow you to…


Maintain a central list of third-parties or partners you work with for tracking the status of contracts and current relationship.


Assess and continuously monitor your third-parties and partners without the time cost associated with manual exchange of emails and spreadsheets.


Provide assurance that your network of partners and third parties don’t undermine the level of security applied by your organization—and communicate this with powerful dashboards and reporting.

In every review is an experience that matters. Discover our Vendor Risk Management customer feedback with G2, here.

SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software helps you create a centralized register of your third parties, build and automatically send out assessments.

As well as consolidate all of the responses and provide a flexible dashboard and reporting framework, which means you can finally have a comprehensive view across those third parties and the risk they may pose to your organization.

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Manage all BAAs for the organization, including contractors, in line with the Omnibus Rule of HIPAA. The security of PHI is ensured with a central solution certification maintenance, workflow, send notification, and automated expiration updates.

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Number of companies that have security standards for third-parties.


of all cyber attacks can be traced either directly or indirectly to third parties.


of security professionals are confident in knowing the number of vendors accessing their systems.

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