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Gain central control of your IT risks

SureCloud provides you with IT risk management solutions to facilitate the process of identifying, assessing, tracking, and reporting on your technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy risks. IT risks can be managed via a centralized dashboard that feeds in impacts from vendors, compliance, vulnerabilities, incidents, policy exceptions, and other aspects of operational risk from your business.

Provide business context to your results

Without linking IT risks to the business operations, services, products, divisions, and projects that impact, or are impacted by, various IT risks, the risk assessment process is meaningful. By linking IT infrastructure to business applications and processes, then tying the IT risk assessment targets to this organizational view, your executive teams can see which critical business areas are at risk.

SureCloud’s IT risk management and cybersecurity solutions allow you to…


Manage IT risk across different business functions and demonstrate compliance with IT security standards such as ISO 27001, IRAM2, NIST CSF, or bring your own custom risk management methodology.


Demonstrate how business resources the efficacy for your risk management program, as well as vulnerabilities and threats to your key business processes, to the executive team. Show trending and justification for investment required to improve your risk posture.


Coordinate risk management activities including risk identification, assessment, scoring, tracking progress, monitoring for risk changes, and remediation status.

Download the IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity Datasheet here. 

In every review is an experience that matters. Discover our IT Risk Management customer feedback with G2, here.


SureCloud has been named a Challenger in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Risk Management for the second consecutive year, based on its Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. We believe that this report from Gartner, one of the most respected analyst organizations in the world, stands testament to our truly comprehensive suite of GRC solutions, commitment to customers, and continuous innovation.

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SureCloud’s Information Asset Management system provides organizations with a common understanding of what physical and electronic data they hold, where it is physically stored and their respective levels of data sensitivity and classification.

Read more about Information Asset and Organizational Management 

SureCloud’s Policy Management software solution gives employees quick, easy access to the latest documents that apply to them so that you can reduce confusion over which policies to review, enjoy better attestation rates and help embed policies into place in your workplace.

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SureCloud’s Risk Management solution provides a streamlined, structured approach to risk management and a central view of risk across the enterprise. SureCloud’s Risk Management software solution allows organizations to identify, assess and manage risks of all types across divisions, business units, business functions, and geographies.

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SureCloud’s Risk Management for IRAM2 solution has been developed in conjunction with key ISF community members and designed with the fundamental objectives of repeatability, efficiency, and usability in mind.

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SureCloud’s Incident Management software centralizes, automates and simplifies incident management by providing a framework for tracking context, consistency and continuous improvement to the process of handing incidents.

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SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software helps you create a centralized register of your third parties, build and automatically send out assessments.

As well as consolidate all of the responses and provide a flexible dashboard and reporting framework, which means you can finally have a comprehensive view across those third parties and the risk they may pose to your organization.

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SureCloud’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) software provided automation and supports the process of obtaining and then remaining compliant with ISO 27001 certification.

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SureCloud has developed a healthcare specific governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution suitable for healthcare organizations of all types, sizes, complexity, and locations.

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