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Streamline and embed your compliance program

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solutions enable you to:

  1. Effortlessly set up your compliance program using a preloaded content library
  2. Attain greater visibility of your overall compliance program
  3. Monitor and test compliance against any regulation, standard and framework
  4. Manage specific regulatory mandates PCI, HIPAA, NIST CSF, NIST800-53, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and SOX

Get up and running faster

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution provides a flexible framework to meet any regulation or standard. Built-in content from the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) offers you 850+ free-to-use baselined controls pre-mapped to regulations and standards.

Simple out-of-the-box solutions to fit your organization

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution enables you to manage your compliance program effectively by providing a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution to manage regulatory obligations, internal policies, changes to regulations/standards, and the end to end lifecycle of your controls.

Centrally view and report on compliance

Quickly identify your compliance status in real-time by leveraging SureCloud pre-built Gartner recognized live dashboard and reports.

Secure Controls Framework (SCF) Adoption

Organizations can now access SCF’s control set through SureCloud’s cloud-based Compliance solution. This provides platform users with the ability to load any of SCF’s controls directly into your control library, along with all of the regulatory mappings and associated data.

The partnership enables users to review and implement the SCF’s controls quickly and efficiently, and then operationalize the controls using the maturity and implementation guidelines. SCF and SureCloud allow organizations to identify immediately, what controls it needs to protect and comply with its regulatory drivers.

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solutions allow you to…


Centrally report and monitor your organizational compliance program and streamline the identification, implementation, and testing of suitable controls.


Quickly and easily update team members and senior management on progress by automating the sending of status reports.


Remove the pain of maintaining multiple compliance programs using a manual process such as reviewing countless emails and updating spreadsheets.

Download the Compliance Management Datasheet here.

SureCloud’s Compliance Management software includes centralized control libraries that are pre-populated with standards and regulations, which can be referenced by multiple departments or business entities.

Individuals or groups are assigned ownership to assess the effectiveness and maturity of controls; allowing compliance professionals to focus on risk mitigation activities. Exceptions for each control can be logged, and any improvement activities delegated to facilitators.

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Protect and manage your payment systems from security breaches in line with PCI DSS’ requirements using SureCloud’s powerful PCI DSS compliance software. Our software helps you to maintain full responsibility of the Compliance program for PCI. As well as document and capture details from various stakeholders easily and effectively.

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SureCloud’s solution can consolidate all your existing data into a central portal, utilize SureCloud’s workflows to walk through the risk and compliance process, manage configurable dashboards to meet your specific reporting needs, and receive answers to any technical or best practice questions you might have.

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