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Here to aid your compliance journey

Compliance programmes underpin the ability to assess the compliance of controls, over many different standards and regulations. Control owners can update and attach evidence to controls, and control assessments can be issued to stakeholders within the SureCloud platform.

Automate and Streamline your compliance program

Compliance team can review and test controls then identify failures to the associated regulations, standards and frameworks. They can then issue remediation activities to control owners and track progress.
This information can easily be shared and distributed with Auditors with the click of a button. SureCloud is fully compatible with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

SureCloud’s Compliance Management solutions allow you to…


Standardize and streamline your compliance programmes, across multiple business functions, geographies and regulations.


Easily provide compliance program information to executives and auditors, and monitor progress on testing and remediation activities.


Understand compliance and ensure that remediation activities are prioritized and are carried out in a timely fashion.

SureCloud’s Compliance Management software includes centralized control libraries that are pre-populated with standards and regulations, which can be referenced by multiple departments or business entities.

Individuals or groups are assigned ownership to assess the effectiveness and maturity of controls; allowing compliance professionals to focus on risk mitigation activities. Exceptions for each control can be logged, and any improvement activities delegated to facilitators.

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Protect and manage your payment systems from security breaches in line with PCI DSS’ requirements using SureCloud’s powerful PCI DSS compliance software. Our software helps you to maintain full responsibility of the Compliance program for PCI. As well as document and capture details from various stakeholders easily and effectively.

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SureCloud’s solution can consolidate all your existing data into a central portal, utilize SureCloud’s workflows to walk through the risk and compliance process, manage configurable dashboards to meet your specific reporting needs, and receive answers to any technical or best practice questions you might have.

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