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SureCloud connects the dots with integrated risk management software solutions that enable you to make better decisions and achieve your desired business outcomes. SureCloud’s GRC software is underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, which is simple, intuitive, and flexible.

Innovation is our Platform

Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud provides a customer-success oriented program to gain immediate, and sustained value from the outset:

  • The SureCloud Platform provides out-of-the-box applications and workflow to minimize paid implementation effort, and provide you with widely accepted best practices to ground your GRC and data privacy programs
  • SureCloud Launch provides a purpose-built rapid implementation methodology to help guide your process and program implementation decisions in order to both maximize your software benefits, and to get up and running in a few weeks versus months or years
  • SureCloud Assist means your company does not have to worry about administering and configuring your GRC/IRM software, taking precious resource time and expertise. SureCloud Assist is an on-demand resource that will provide platform administration and on-going updates to your already implemented use cases.  Processes, regulations, and policies evolve. Trust that SureCloud will minimize the risk that your platform implementation will become out-of-date and unusable when these business changes happen.

“By 2021, more than 50% of large enterprises will use an IRM (integrated risk management) solution set to provide better decision-making capabilities to propel digital business.” – Gartner

SureCloud’s Integrated Risk Management Solution allows you to…

  • Automate your risk, compliance, policy, vendor risk, and data privacy program steps
  • Gain stakeholder visibility and accountability through up-to-date dashboarding and reporting
  • Maximize your program participation from employees and vendors with intuitive software, purpose-built to your organization’s processes

SureCloud’s solutions provides you with IT risk management software to cover the various IT risk challenges. These products can be used in isolation or as part of an integrated suite, covering all of your IT risk management needs, and providing you with central control over all your IT risk processes.

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Delivering centralized testing, monitoring, and reporting on your regulatory mandates with our Compliance Management solutions.

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When two-thirds of data breaches occur due to an insecure or poorly managed third party or vendor relationship, it’s clear that gaining control over your network of vendors is a crucial risk activity. SureCloud’s Vendor Risk Management software provides a holistic view of third-party risk within your organization, integrating with wider IT risk management processes and even your data privacy program.

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SureCloud has a suite of Data Privacy Management solutions to aid your privacy compliance journey. From building program foundations in data and process mapping to developing workflows around Subject Access Requests, Data Transfers, DPIA’s and everything in between, SureCloud can support you as you mature your privacy program.

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SureCloud provides a healthcare privacy compliance process that gives you the ability to control and communicate the big-picture view of risk, in real-time, to organizational leadership, with easy-to-use dashboards, and configurable reports.

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