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Empowering you to get ahead while demonstrating your CoCo compliance

“SureCloud’s IT Health Check ensures you can always be certain of your CoCo compliance. Underpinned by the SureCloud platform, our IT Health Check raises your security posture to a new level, identifying vulnerabilities earlier so remedial actions can be taken sooner to keep you ahead of the game.”- Luke Potter, Cybersecurity Practice Director, SureCloud


Is it enough to just show your PSN CoCo compliance?

Guidance issued by the Cabinet Office requires you to submit PDF documentation that demonstrates your compliance with the Public Services Network (PSN) Code of Connection (CoCo), which protects the PSN against threats, such as opportunistic hackers and abuses of business processes.

The problem is, for the penetration testing (ITHC) requirement of the PSN CoCo, all the PDF report does is provide a snapshot of your vulnerabilities and demonstrates that you were compliant at a specific moment in time. It doesn’t show the full picture, and it’s impossible for you to derive any value from it to feedback into your organization.

From a post-test results management perspective, which is where your work really starts after an ITHC is delivered, trying to manage remediation from a static PDF document can quickly become a nightmare and involvement significant amount of manual process.


Beyond basic compliance

“Getting the scope of an ITHC right is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that the ITHC is a worthwhile exercise and provides you with the correct level of assurance.”- Cabinet Office

A PDF report may reassure you about your CoCo compliance but imagine if your IT Health Check went beyond the basics. Just think about the value an IT Health Check could really deliver to your organization…


Empowered by SureCloud

SureCloud’s IT Health Check goes beyond simple box-ticking to provide you with a platform that demonstrates your compliance, protects your organization against risk and empowers you to achieve more.


Have a consistent approach

SureCloud provides access to its comprehensive platform so you can view all your test outputs in one tool and view historical data to perform trend analysis.


Access dynamic information

Real-time reports allow you to focus on what really matters, cutting the data to pull it through to different areas of your business, e.g. integrating penetration testing to your GRC forms.


Make your team accountable

Assign tasks to individuals while using dashboards to maintain complete oversight – view and filter status reports, click through for a more detailed breakdown and identify potential bottlenecks.


Save time

No manual effort is required, simply run the reports you need and start inputting the remediation steps and controls required to protect your organization.


Be the best

Demonstrate your CoCo compliance, highlight the remediation actions you’ve taken along with evidence and have access to our talented team for best-practice advice.

SureCloud’s IT Health Check scope

External Penetration Testing:

  • Passive reconnaissance
  • Host identification and port scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning/assessment
  • Manual exploitation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Further testing, including escalation of privileges and/or maintaining access
  • Remote Access Solution Testing

Internal Penetration Testing:

  • Manual penetration testing
  • Network vulnerability scanning
  • Domain ‘compromise’ testing
  • Password assessment
  • Wireless network penetration testing
  • Server build reviews
  • Desktop/user build reviews
  • Firewall ruleset reviews
  • Mobile device management review

SureCloud in action

SureCloud has been perfecting its penetration testing since 2006. Today it performs hundreds of tests every year and counts 15% of the UK’s local authorities among its 400+ clients. Employing talented people with technical backgrounds, SureCloud is a genuine expert in the field. It is a CREST member company and holds NCSC CHECK ‘green light’ status, which is rare within the industry since it involves annual certification of both the organization and its personnel.

“There’s a reason why we continue to use SureCloud. Throughout the testing and with the ongoing support, SureCloud makes the ITHC a very easy process.”- Caius Ajiz, Ops Lead, Chelmsford City Council

Make IT Health Checks more than a simple tick-box exercise

It’s time to turn compliance to your advantage. Let us show you how SureCloud can empower your organization to get ahead.

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