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Ransomware is an increasingly serious malware threat facing organizations with attacks on businesses rising year on year. The impact of an attack can be financially crippling, possibly even business-ending to targeted companies.


SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts have developed a Ransomware Simulator, which mimics a real-world ransomware attack, so you are prepared and protected should a real attack ever occur, without damaging or encrypting any of the organization’s files. Our Ransomware Simulator uses smart measures to bypass existing spam filters and antivirus technologies and delivers a real-life cyber-attack end-user experience. Our Ransomware Simulator and Ransomware finding reports, delivered on the SureCloud Platform, help organizations to prepare and design effective mitigation strategies, whilst considering all areas of potential failure, including people, process and technology.

Download and read the full datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


Ransomware Datasheet

application 669.00 KB

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