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Discover the Cyber Resilience Assessment solution here.

Here’s a preview of the Cyber Resilience Assessment Datasheet…

The Challenges

Recent global events have caused widespread business transformation, forcing organizations to adapt to new ways of working in an extremely short period of time. A greater level of remote and agile working is now the new normal, bringing with it a host of challenges and threats; phishing attacks alone are up 600%. It’s now vital that you take stock of your new risk and security posture, learn lessons from enforced remote working and implement a plan to assure your organization’s new position is moving forwards.

The Solution

SureCloud provides technology-based cybersecurity and risk services, and has developed a solution that delivers value in 3 areas:

Response Analysis: Learn lessons from your imposed move to remote working by participating in security clinics that review sample incidents and issues, with your migration to home working;

Recovery Planning: Assess your new security and risk posture, undertake a phishing simulation, and evaluate the effectiveness of current cybersecurity controls to mitigate against data loss and data breaches; and

Future Strategy: Develop a clear plan to stabilize and secure your business in the “new normal”, considering new and emerging threats.

Read in full how the Cyber Resilience Assessment works by downloading the PDF datasheet at the bottom of the page.


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