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SureCloud, a supplier of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Applications and Cybersecurity services, has launched its Ransomware Simulator solution, which helps organizations defend against one of the most insidious and fastest growing malware threats.

According to Kaspersky Labs, the total number of ransomware attacks increased by 250% in the 12 months up to March 2017. With SureCloud’s Ransomware Simulator, organizations can test their ability to respond to a broad range of ransomware attack types, at an employee and organizational level.

The software simulates real-world ransomware attacks by infecting a machine using sophisticated techniques to bypass network security, then displaying a message demanding payment – without encrypting, accessing or damaging data. The infected user (employee) is then monitored to see how they respond to the demand; do they attempt to pay or do they escalate it to the IT department?

Users of the solution receive a comprehensive report of user actions both pre- and post-exploitation, revealing how users both helped and hindered its ransomware readiness. This covers who opened, downloaded and executed the ransomware, if, when and how the ransomware was reported, whether someone attempted to pay the ransom, what data would have been held to ransom, and detailed technical information about how spam filtering and antivirus were bypassed.

SureCloud’s Ransomware Simulator enables organizations to evaluate the two key components of their ransomware readiness: their procedural response and user actions, and their technical abilities to identify, contain and repair the damage from a ransomware attack. This data can be used to inform user education and training, and strengthen or adjust the current technical protections.

“Risk mitigation depends on organizations taking a truly holistic approach to ransomware readiness, and understanding that technical elements, user education and training, and effective processes and procedures all need to work together for maximum protection,” Simulator is a first-of-its-kind solution that enables organizations to pinpoint exactly where the gaps are in their current ransomware strategy and make the required organizational changes to improve their ransomware protection posture.”

Learn more about our Ransomware Simulator here.

About us

SureCloud is a provider of Gartner recognised GRC software and CREST accredited Cyber Security & Risk Advisory services. Whether buying products or services your organisation would benefit from automated workflows and insight from the award-winning SureCloud platform. All of SureCloud’s service offerings are fully compatible with the GRC suite of products enabling seamless integration of information, taking your risk programmes to the next level.


Ransomware Simulator Datasheet

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