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Make your cybersecurity program smarter

Imagine if you could create the perfect cybersecurity department. You would fill it with experts in all domains, ready to be called upon in an instant. From strategy to operational execution and reporting, things would run like clockwork in a highly efficient, cost-effective way. You would be the envy of your peers and the rockstar of your organization.

Well, that reality is here – meet Max.

Say hello to Max

Max has over 200 years of cybersecurity experience and the certifications to back it up. Max is skilled in every aspect of cybersecurity that you can think of and has industry-specific expertise to match. Max is paid monthly, like everyone else and will never be off sick. In fact, Max never needs a holiday and will never want any training. Max is on-demand.

Max covers all bases

Max will interface with your business, prepare strategy reports and present to your Board. Max will perform risk assessments, carry out penetration tests, monitor your internal controls and audit them, look after your supply chain risk, and help you prepare for, pass and maintain your certifications. Max can do all of this and more on a starting salary you will be delighted with.

Who is this, Max?

Max’s genetic make-up consists of a full-time cybersecurity consulting team, background checked and employed by SureCloud, enabled by robotics and AI, all delivered through a central cloud-based platform with data stored in your region.

Max is taking advantage of the productivity gains from the huge economies of scale across people and technology, and passing them on to you.


Download the Max does Cybersecurity datasheet here.

Max is a tiered solution made up of Essential, Business and Enterprise. Each level provides a baseline solution with the ability to add in bolt-ons such as red team exercises, cybersecurity assessments or bespoke phishing simulations as your business requires.

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Loved by companies around the world


of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.


of executives rank cybersecurity as one of their organization’s top five risks.


million $, organizations’ average annual spending on cybercrime incidents and recovery.

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