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SureCloud’s Red-Team Simulated Cyber Attack service meets provides assurances and demonstrates actual business risk through specific objectives using a blend of penetration testing, social engineering, and physical breach attempts. The scope of the Red-Team service includes SureCloud taking on-board the primary concerns and critical assets of an organisation and using these as part of the objectives during the wider engagement.

These Red Team engagements mimic the current generation of high effort threats that organisations face, which are designed specifically to reduce uncertainty around what an actual real cyberattack would look like and how the organisation’s mitigations and active defences perform.

Due to the similarities between a Red Team engagement and an actual high-effort attack, the organisation can use this engagement to train defensive capabilities in face of real world advanced and persistent threats and identify weaknesses in controls and capabilities, including physical controls, staff awareness as well as incident responses processes and procedures. The overall aim of being to prevent, detect and respond to the simulated attack as if it were real, as well allowing a realistic overview for testing crisis management procedures.


of organizations say their current cyber defences are not enough


of organizations have experienced at least one cybersecurity breach or attack in the past 12 months


of US companies admitted that they have ignored a critical security flaw, citing a lack of necessary skills

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