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Struggling with lack of resource & budget?

Managing internal compliance requirements and achieving a balanced and pragmatic security posture is often difficult for organisations with limited internal resources or security budget.  Prioritising those areas which deliver a business benefit can be challenging for organisations who have conflicting priorities.

Benefit from SureCloud’s experts and technology

Whilst business risks cannot be truly outsourced, SureCloud Managed Services provides an opportunity for organisations to outsource the management and delivery of key business processes and services in order to help release the burden on internal resources.

Feel confident that your organisation is in safe hands

In addition, your business will gain assurance that delivery is overseen by an appropriate expert, with any process or service improvements incorporated back into your operational environment.


SureCloud has designed an Advisory-as-a-Service model that provides an organisation with a flexible approach to consuming cyber security expertise. Working as an extension of your security team, or as an independent security expert, SureCloud Managed Services can provide the support you need into your security programme.

Third Party Risk Assurance

Utilising its Platform, SureCloud has developed a simple, scalable and pragmatic managed delivery service that is led by its experienced team of consultants and enables an organisation to gain assurance that its programme for managing third parties is both robust and executed on time.

Training Services

Often the knowledge and awareness of an organisations people is the first line of defense in combating threats such as phishing and social engineering. SureCloud has designed a range of training sessions and awareness campaigns that help employees and third parties with understanding threats, organisations controls, and, more importantly, the role they play in protecting the organisation.

Security Improvement Programmes

With a view to transforming an organisation’s security approach, SureCloud is uniquely positioned to design and implement a bespoke programme of change that increases an organisations security posture and is underpinned by its Platform throughout the journey, providing a live view of progress, insightful dashboards and regular reporting.

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