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SureCloud’s Pentest-as-a-Service© provides the best penetration testing experience for your organization. Unlike other providers in the market, it offers a modern subscription-based engagement that goes far beyond simply delivering the PDF report and pen testing services. Expert delivery from a dedicated cybersecurity team, underpinned by the SureCloud platform, means you can always be certain that your business is secure.

The Limits of Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities exist in every IT system, and often, these incidents could be identified in a penetration test. However, treating your penetration testing as a standalone exercise only provides a snapshot of these vulnerabilities at a specific moment in time. You can try continuous penetration testing, but this just presents you with vast quantities of data, which you then need to make sense of to know what remediation steps to take.

However, make this data dynamic with visibility and oversight of all testing projects, the ability to manage remediation, allocate tasks, and trend and track progress via dashboards, and you can always be certain that your business is secure.

With SureCloud you have access to its dedicated cyber security team, who are manually involved in the penetration testing process. And with Pentest-as-a-Service© underpinned by the SureCloud platform, you make sense of your information in a way that really matters to your organization.

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