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Information Security Management System Suite (ISMS)

A simpler, better way that puts you in control of gaining and sustaining ISO 27001 certification.
SureCloud offers a better way that puts Information Security Professionals in control of gaining
and maintaining ISO 27001 certification. The SureCloud Information Security Management
System (ISMS) Suite automates and simplifies the ISO 27001 certification journey and uses the
powerful SureCloud Platform to create a single access point for centralized administration, with
in-depth insights. The SureCloud ISMS Suite features eight applications that address all your
needs and pains

✔ ISMS Controls – objectives, roles & responsibilities, performance metrics, statement of applicability
✔ Information Asset Manager – standard and regulations, operational controls
✔ Risk Manager – threat profiling, risk assessment and risk treatment
✔ Audit Manager – annual plans and audit findings
✔ Incident Manager – escalation and notification severity assessment
✔ Policy Manager – version control, employee training

✔ Compliance Manager – data mapping sensitivity assessments
✔ Business Continuity Manager – BC & DR plans test logs

The Need

As the most popular standard in the world for managing information security, ISO 27001 benefits small to large organizations alike. Some organizations adopt ISO 27001 to implement best practice, while others obtain certification to add credibility to their processes and strengthen their brands.

Certification not only assures customers and other stakeholders, but it can also be a competitive advantage. For many industries, certification may be a legal or contractual requirement, while others may consider ISO 27001 as “basic hygiene” of a well-run modern organization, or it is simply a necessity to compete in the global arena.

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