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The Need

Information is critical to all organizations, as such informing key stakeholders of the risk to key information assets is now a business requirement. As adversarial threats continue to evolve and change, there is a greater need for organizations to have a rigorous understanding of the risks to their environment. An ISF member’s need is to identify their critical assets, how they’re vulnerable, prioritize them by risk and then tackle them with an action plan. SureCloud Risk Management for IRAM2 is the ideal methodology to achieve this in a consistent, structured, eff ective, proven and documentable way.

The Challenge

Information risk methodologies provide a structured and consistent end-to-end approach to managing an organization’s information assets within acceptable levels of risk tolerance. IRAM2 is the ISF’s latest methodology for identifying and assessing information risk, which has gained substantial traction with many global Member organizations, due to its holistic nature and rigor. The challenge is operationalizing the methodology, applying and managing it across a large global organization where there are multiple businesses and departments with hundreds of assets of threats without duplicating the work for each.

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