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Premier League football club Everton selects SureCloud to simplify and manage its GDPR compliance with the GDPR software suite.

Premier League football club Everton has deployed five applications from the SureCloud GDPR Software Suite to enable the business to achieve and maintain compliance with the EU Regulation that came into force in May 2018.

Everton FC selected the SureCloud GDPR Software Suite, delivered from the SureCloud Platform after it demonstrated the ability to provide full visibility for management and automation of GDPR processes across the organization. The Club previously relied on highly-manual processes requiring multiple systems. The SureCloud Platform replaces these processes, enabling simple real-time risk, incident and compliance management from a single dashboard in the GDPR Software Suite.

Everton’s package includes five GDPR software applications: GDPR Program Tracker, GDPR Management, Information Asset Management, Incident Management and Compliance Management; this covers information assets, data mapping and lawful processing, impact assessments, subject access and incident management. Everton holds the sensitive data of its players, agents, suppliers, employees, and fans, including over 32,000 season ticket holders. The information held ranges from contact and payment card details to medical records.

Ian Garratt, Data Protection Officer at Everton FC, commented: “One of the main challenges facing us under GDPR is documenting our data processing activities and procedures in a way that is manageable and supports the business data protection need. This cannot be achieved with manual or disparate spreadsheet-based systems. SureCloud offers a GDPR suite with a single point of control, enabling us to effectively manage our GDPR compliance and breach management at all levels.”

Nick Rafferty, COO at SureCloud commented: “With organizations facing fines of 20million Euros or 4% of revenue if they fail to comply, it is critical that if they haven’t already, organizations begin to ensure that their data handling processes meet the principles laid out in the GDPR Regulation. The GDPR will impact businesses across every sector, and we are delighted to be working with Everton to ensure that it is working towards compliance.”

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