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Dixons Carphone Streamline Control Assessments with SureCloud’s GRC Software

Dixons Carphone has over 2,000 control assessments across the business and deployed SureCloud GRC Software to enhance processes and reporting while improving efficiency

The Challenge

For Dixons Carphone, delivering connected services to its customers is a critical part of its core business offering. However, when the company first formed following the merger of Dixons and Carphone Warehouse in 2014, compliance processes were far from high tech. Each business division had a large number of compliance standards that the business had to meet, covering decision making, IT security, and finance. This was complicated further by the fact that, prior to the merger, both companies had been relying on inefficient and error-prone manual and spreadsheet-based processes. As such the business was looking to overhaul the way compliance was managed for the 900+ controls it had to meet.

Ross Poulter, UK Head of Risk and Control at Dixons Carphone explained: “In year 1, we assessed about 900 controls in Excel. The process we had was all based on cumbersome spreadsheets with various columns for people to fill out. Sometimes the same spreadsheet had to go to several different people to get the answers. We spent lots of time chasing people to fill them in and continue to chase to get them back. Once returned, we had to copy and paste to create master documents and compile the reporting. It was clear that we needed to change the way we approached our control assessments.”

Furthermore, during the second year following the merger, the number of controls had doubled. It was clear that the previous processes would not be able to cope with the new demands – SureCloud’s GRC software was able to turn this around.

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