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The Need

Organisations must demonstrate compliance with a multitude of business and regulatory requirements, which may vary across business entity, function or geography. Failure to achieve and demonstrate compliance on an ongoing basis can deny companies access to markets (and therefore revenue streams) or result in fines, which ultimately erode shareholder value.

The Challenge

Achieving compliance within such a complex environment requires considerable effort; not only must appropriate controls be identified, but their implementation carefully managed and ongoing effectiveness assessed. However, many organizations choose to manage these activities through spreadsheets, which ultimately were never designed for compliance management activities.

A spreadsheet-based approach wastes time and demotes highly skilled professionals to administrators – relegated to spending their days issuing documents, chasing up stakeholders, and compiling information for reporting purposes.

The Solution

SureCloud’s Compliance Management Application refocuses the attention on the original objective of managing controls; providing a simple out-of-the-box control framework for practitioners and newcomers. Our application includes centralized control libraries that are pre-populated with standards and regulations, which can be referenced by multiple departments or business entities. Individuals or groups are assigned ownership to assess the effectiveness and maturity of controls; allowing compliance professionals to focus on risk mitigation activities.

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