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PCI Compliance Manager

Complying with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can be an expensive, complicated and labor-intensive process. Having responsibility for the PCI Compliance program is frustrating when contacting and capturing details from various stakeholders becoming a resource-intensive task and providing any kind of update to senior management is impossible.

Many organizations manage their compliance processes using manual systems like spreadsheets, where
centralized control of compliance activity is often unachievable, increasing risk to the organization. Attempts to track the program are further compounded by dealing with third parties and sharing all this detail with auditors.

The Solution

SureCloud PCI Compliance Manager delivers your PCI DSS programs as business-as-usual (BAU) activity, making them more efficient and effective. The cost and effort of compliance is reduced while supporting the recommendations set out in PCI DSS v3.2. This offers:

✔ Faster certification
✔ Reduced audit costs
✔ Reduced risk; remediation is focused on areas of greatest risk
✔ Retained compliance status.

Integrated Vulnerability Management, PCI ASV scanning, and Third Party assessments are combined with an agile approach to
implementation dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

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