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The Need

Ransomware is an increasingly serious malware threat facing organizations. In a typical ransomware attack, the data offered to the victim is encrypted, something that could affect all files on the computer and across the shared corporate network. Without an offline backup of data, recovery can be impossible.

As such, organizations should prepare by adding ransomware mitigation controls and procedures to their cybersecurity strategy. In addition to this, they should raise awareness, educate users and secure effectiveness of their current controls.

The Challenge

The variables of ransomware attacks include: how many employees fall victim and react to the incident response procedure, what stage an antivirus system detected the ransomware and the amount of time taken from infection to detection.

Whether due to overly permissive spam filtering, the excessive privileges of users, a lack of security awareness, exploitable client-side vulnerabilities, or other factors. All these variables require continual testing for the accurate identification of the organization’s main areas of risk.

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