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SaaS platform provides game-changing way for firms to swiftly comply with changes in the regulatory landscape.


SureCloud®, a supplier of Cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, today announced its agile GRC SaaS platform. The SureCloud Platform differs from other solutions by giving organisations immediate visibility of the status and greater overall control of their risk and compliance programmes.  Faster to implement than conventional eGRC solutions and featuring more real-time intelligence than home-grown systems, the SureCloud Platform gives organisations unprecedented insight into their current risk exposure and the flexibility to respond swiftly to changes in the compliance landscape such as PCI DSS 3.0 and the EU’s new tougher data protection laws.


For reasons of cost and complexity, adoption of sophisticated GRC systems has been slow and they have yet to prove themselves from an ROI point of view. Instead firms frequently opt to meet their compliance obligations by developing their own spreadsheet-based methods. In practice neither eGRC nor home-grown solutions are capable of meeting what organisations most need – namely an easy-to-implement compliance system that supports existing processes (rather than re-engineering them) and in-built analytics for informed decision-making about corporate exposure to risk.


The SureCloud Platform automates and radically simplifies risk and compliance processes without forcing organisations to adopt entirely new practices. SureCloud’s flexibility allows them to automate any GRC process including Compliance Audits, Policy Management, Risk Assessments or Third Party Assurance programmes. The SureCloud Platform supports an agile approach to implementation and includes pre-built templates, which means that the solution can be deployed quickly to deliver immediate value.


‘“Our ability to take a customer’s existing risk and compliance processes and incorporate them quickly into our own frameworks is a real gamer-changer,” said Richard Hibbert, CEO, SureCloud.  “Without asking our customers to re-invent the wheel we are giving them a crystal clear picture of their risk exposure at all times – allowing them to prioritise steps to reduce risk, swiftly deliver measurable results and painlessly adapt to new regulatory requirements.”


“We needed to find a more efficient way to manage our IT compliance processes across many business units instead of using spreadsheets,” said Jeff Jenkins, IT Compliance Manager at TUI Travel PLC. “We were attracted to SureCloud for its centralised management capabilities, its cost-effectiveness, its adaptable approach and because we wanted an automated platform in which to build additional compliance initiatives in the future.”


Key features of the SureCloud Platform are:

  • Ability to implement your own processes or leverage SureCloud’s process frameworks;
  • Fine grained permissions to provide different Form views based on Role;
  • Integrated Task Management to alert users to events such as compliance certificate expiry, or to allocate activity to internal or external stakeholders;
  • Grouping structures to organise internal users or external parties such as suppliers;
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Office;
  • Dashboards and reporting  to provide real-time updates on progress;
  • Analytics to identify patterns such as common areas of failure, top 5 suppliers.


Finally, because the SureCloud Platform is priced per user it dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for customers.


At 14:40 on Tuesday 29th April, SureCloud customer Jeff Jenkins, IT Compliance Manager for TUI Travel PLC, will present a session in the Business Strategy Theatre entitled – ‘TUI Travel PLC tackling compliance on a global scale: Shepherding cats in a changing landscape’.


About SureCloud®:

SureCloud helps to automate any Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) process, such as Compliance Audits, Policy Management, Risk Assessments or Third Party Assurance programmes. The SureCloud Platform supports an agile approach to implementation and per user pricing, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership. Established in 2006, SureCloud is a British company based in Reading, Berks, with more than 300 customers throughout the UK from the Retail, Financial Services and Government sectors. For further information please visit www.

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