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The Challenge

Merchants and service providers that process or support payment card transactions are obliged to comply with the PCI DSS, which at its fullest extent, requires an organization to comply with over 250 security controls. Those security controls include nearly 60 daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, and point-in-time actions, as well as over 400 assessment testing procedures. PCI compliance is a never-ending process of review, action, and reflection culminating with an annual assessment to ensure that your organization has maintained year-round compliance. As with all compliance programs, there are many challenges organizations face, including:

  • Maintaining central visibility of the compliance program status;
  • Breadth of DSS requirements makes it difficult to coordinate mandatory activities across multiple
  • Making complex decisions without the assurance of expert opinions;
  • Limited ability to track and monitor areas of non-compliance;
  • Managing the need for a broad array of specialist roles and capabilities, with peaks and troughs in
    demand, on finite budgets;
  • Manage ongoing gathering of required evidence throughout the year.


Max does PCI, one of SureCloud’s “Max” family of tech-enabled services, helps organizations to manage the rapidly changing business and cyber landscape, as well as new technologies and customer engagement methods introducing both risk and opportunity, smart businesses are exploring a better way to manage their PCI DSS compliance.
Max does PCI brings:

  • A world-leading platform providing consolidated dashboards of your PCI DSS compliance activities:
    • Continuous monitoring and auditing
    • Early warning of actual or potential areas of non-compliance
    • Year-round accountability of tasks required by the PCI DSS
    • Point-in-time collection of evidence
  • On-demand access to certified QSAs and technical security experts:
    • Supplement decision making with trusted experts to act as a “sounding board”
    • Practical experience from people who have performed operational security and assessor role
  • A range of collateral, including threat briefings, training videos, policy and procedures

“SureCloud has helped us to take a truly proactive and dynamic approach to cybersecurity and
risk management, and deliver genuine peace of mind for out stakeholders.”
Justin Young, Director of Security and Compliance at Advanced

Read in full how Max does PCI works by downloading the PDF datasheet at the bottom of the page.


Max Does PCI Datasheet

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