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For the last three years, cybersecurity company- SureCloud has reviewed the security features available to the end-user of online banking.

In November 2018, cybersecurity company, SureCloud worked with Which? magazine to rate the customer-facing security of 12 leading online banks. Volunteers carried out a series of tasks, while we looked for weaknesses.

See the table below to see how the banks performed:

Things that were tested included:

  • Logging in/logging out
  • Changing your password
  • Transferring money
  • Clicking through the site and using features
  • Changing your home address

Top Tips for Online Banking

  • Use complex passwords and make sure they are unique to any other online accounts you have
  • Turn on text alerts when your password has been entered incorrectly three times or a large amount of money has been transferred, if your bank offers this ability
  • Ensure you’re using 2 Factor Authentication

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

2 Factor Authentication must include two of the three elements below:

  1. Something you have (code/authentication app)
  2. Something you know (password)
  3. Something you are (fingerprint)

Stay alert

Make sure to confirm your logging out session. A volunteer clicked logged out and walked away from the desktop without confirming and so one of our cyber consultants was able to stay logged in to their account as the bank had not automatically logged them out after a certain period of time. Don’t rely on the system to protect you, stay alert and make sure you don’t leave yourself open to threat.

SureCloud is proud to be completing this project for the third year running offering consistent scoring by some of our top cybersecurity consultants.

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