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Newly accredited services combine automated vulnerability scanning with expert human resource.

SureCloud, the provider of cybersecurity services and cloud-based, integrated risk management solutions, has been accredited by CREST for its Vulnerability Assessment Services, giving organisations meaningful output from vulnerability scanning and enabling more effective remediation of identified vulnerabilities, via the SureCloud vulnerability management platform.


What are SureCloud’s Vulnerability Assessment Services?

The Vulnerability Assessment Services combine the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of automated vulnerability scanning with the precision and accuracy of consultants configuring, managing, analysing and verifying the scan results.

By leveraging both its highly experienced, accredited cybersecurity team and its intuitive cloud-based platform, SureCloud can offer organisations dedicated reports on their vulnerability scan findings via the cloud. They receive two reports – a Management Report which contains high-level commentary and prioritisation, and an Assessment Vulnerability Report which includes details of all vulnerabilities found, and which groups the vulnerabilities into categories and prioritises actions according to industry best practice.

This gives organisations a clear pathway to vulnerability mitigation and a more robust cybersecurity posture, introducing expert analysis and interpretation of scan results which draw on SureCloud’s highly experienced and accredited team of consultants. As such, Vulnerability Assessment Services work particularly well between penetration testing cycles, achieving a proactive and intelligent approach of continuous improvement to vulnerability mitigation, and ultimately maximising assurance levels.


Why use the service?

The service enables organisations to gain consultancy-led expertise which can be positioned on a scale between automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Vulnerability Assessment Services can either augment standalone scanning solutions for smaller organisations or help larger organisations to introduce more intelligence and analysis to the scanning elements of their cybersecurity strategy.


CREST’s new accreditation

CREST, the international accreditation and certification body for the technical information security market, has recently introduced a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) accreditation, to eliminate confusion in the buying community between VA and penetration testing. Because SureCloud’s Vulnerability Services are managed – that is, a qualified consultant runs the tool and interprets the output for each scan – they meet the requirements of the new accreditation from the outset.


What does SureCloud have to say?

Mike Harrison, Commercial Director at SureCloud, said: “Our Vulnerability Assessment Services have been developed to deliver a raft of benefits above and beyond automated scanning; they introduce a valuable layer of intelligence and consultant-led expertise, and grant organisations the peace of mind that their scan results are being carefully analysed and interpreted by real experts in the field.

“We’re finding that the solution is popular among a wide range of organisations; low mid-market businesses using standalone automated scanning solutions are using us to adopt a more manual, structured approach to cybersecurity, and mid-market to enterprise clients which already use a combination of penetration testing and automated scanning, are working with us to introduce more intelligence and nuance to their scan results.

“The new CREST accreditation is a hugely positive step in the cybersecurity market, helping quality VA providers to stand out and enabling organisations to better distinguish between vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. We’re delighted to be immediately accredited, and look forward to working with more organisations seeking to take a robust, intelligent approach to their assurance strategies.”


About SureCloud

SureCloud is a provider of cloud-based, Integrated Risk Management products and cybersecurity & risk services, which reinvent the way organisations manage risk. SureCloud’s products and services are underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud is adaptable enough to support existing business processes without forcing organisations to engage in costly business change programmes. SureCloud has been recognised in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management Solutions.

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