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Once a quarter a meeting is held for UK Merchants PCI Working Group (UKMPWG). The group consists of the people responsible for PCI compliance and/or information security for the largest merchants in the UK. Collectively the group members originate over 80% of all UK payment card transactions.

John Elliot, elected chair of the UKMPCIWG, stated: “The purpose of the UK Merchants’ PCI Working Group is to share knowledge about the best ways to protect all our customers’ payment card data.  We’re really pleased that SureCloud is willing to help us in this objective by sharing details of the attacks that lead to compromises drawn from their experienced cyber security practice.  As a volunteer-run group, we’re also extremely grateful for SureCloud’s sponsorship of the meeting – demonstrating their commitment to the PCI community in the UK.”

SureCloud’s Cybersecurity Practice Director, Luke Potter, will be giving an informative talk around up and coming security threats that have been realized this past year within the SureCloud client base. He’ll be giving an insightful view on how the bad guys are finding new and creative ways to hack into organizations as well as individuals as well as advice on how to best prevent the new threat vectors for increased PCI Compliance and information security.

Luke Potter commented: “At SureCloud we are passionate about reinventing the way organizations manage risk from various sources, not least from penetration test output and integrated risk management solutions. Therefore, we are proud to be sponsoring an event that focuses on improving PCI Compliance and information security.”


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Not attending the event? Don’t worry, Luke will be presenting his talk as a webinar on the 4th of December. Register now.

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