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We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for ‘Risk Management Product of the Year’ at the CIR Risk Management Awards.

The awards recognize individuals, organizations, and teams that have significantly added to the understanding and practice of risk management. Judged by an independent panel of experts for exceptional performance, the winners will be announced on 8 November at a lavish ceremony, which is being hosted by comedian Phil Wang.

Our Risk Management application has been shortlisted for ‘Risk Management Product of the Year’ since it provides a comprehensive offering that comprises:

  • IT Risk Management: talk about IT risk in business terms
  • Vendor Risk Management: gain a holistic view of third-parties
  • Compliance Management: devolve responsibility for richer information
  • Data Privacy Management: support, regardless of your maturity


SureCloud for Risk Management Product of the Year

We think we deserve to win the accolade because we provide cloud-based integrated risk management (IRM) software that flexes to your way of working.


A quality, effective IRM solution

In its report, “Competitive Landscape: Integrated Risk Management Landscape Solutions”, Gartner references SureCloud as an IRM solutions provider, since we offer a broader set of functionalities that address multiple use cases within IRM and offer our customers an easier implementations process.

There’s no ‘globally standard’ way of performing risk management, so a lot of organizations have developed their own way of doing things. The problem is that most enterprise IRM platforms lack the flexibility, and point solution providers lack the functionality, to be able to adapt and mirror the way processes are really performed.

We’re different. Flexible enough to fit your current business processes without forcing you to make concessions during implementation, you get immediate and sustained value from the outset. Built on a highly configurable platform, SureCloud is simple, intuitive and flexible technology that compliments process in your organization.

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SureCloud: the customer’s choice

Over 400 companies have chosen the SureCloud Platform because it is:

  • Simple: fit for purpose software to support your existing risk management processes and frameworks – no more, no less, no bloat.
  • Flexible: technology that adapts to your way of working without forcing you to make concessions during implementation.
  • Intuitive: a considered UI with modern and intuitive layout and familiar feel means the SureCloud Platform delivers a great user experience.
  • Innovative: we recognized an underserved need in the market and developed the SureCloud Platform. No more complexity. No more point solutions. No more spreadsheets.


“SureCloud does a lot more than ensuring we have ticks in all our compliance boxes. The quality of information it delivers enables us to make better informed decisions about relationships with our partners. This helps us to provide the best possible secure service to our customers.”

Chris McAteer, Director of Compliance and Operational Risk at Shop Direct Group

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Speaking about the nomination, SureCloud COO, Nick Rafferty, commented: “This is fantastic recognition for SureCloud. The CIR Risk Management Awards are viewed as one of the biggest and most credible in our industry, so our team and technology definitely deserve a seat at the table.”

Continuing to talk about the SureCloud Platform, he said, “Unlike more conventional risk management tools, SureCloud goes further, bridging the gap between GRC tools, with cybersecurity information. Through the Platform, penetration test and vulnerability data can be integrated into an organization’s IT and operational risk management process, allowing its users to engage executives in a language they understand. In general, the insights the SureCloud Platform provides, enables its executives to make informed business decisions, which is a true market differentiator.”

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Find out more about the awards here.

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