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SureCloud has been shortlisted for two awards: for Best Risk Management at the upcoming CIR Risk Management Awards and the Computing Security Excellence Awards 2017.

Both awards recognize ‘best in class’ solutions that measure, analyze and report risk, as well as enforce and update configuration policies. They also recognize those individuals, organizations and teams that have significantly added to the understanding and practice of risk management to deliver exceptional performance. The winner of the CIR Risk Management Award will be announced Nov. 9 and the Computing Security Excellence Award Nov. 23.

The SureCloud Platform allows customers to identify, remediate and manage risk across their businesses, enabling them to significantly reduce the amount of risk that their organization is exposed to and identify opportunities for improvement. It not only identifies threats but reveals opportunities for businesses to improve their security procedures, enhance productivity and improve corporate governance. Furthermore, penetration test and vulnerability data can be integrated into an organization’s operational risk management process, allowing our customers to engage executives in a language they understand.

SureCloud CEO Richard Hibbert said: “We are proud of the capabilities and benefits that our solutions deliver to our customers, enabling them to reduce their risk and meet their ever-growing compliance obligations. It is fantastic that our solution has been shortlisted for both awards and is being recognized as a best in class product. To be selected on a highly competitive shortlist is a testament to the quality of our solutions and we are looking forward to the ceremony later this year.”


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