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SureCloud Operations Director (Cybersecurity) Luke Potter and Cybersecurity Consultant Carlos Speed have featured on BBC’s Watchdog (Series 41, Episode 1) which aired on May 1st, 2019 on BBC One.

Matt Allwright, Steph McGovern and Nikki Fox return to expose the big names letting viewers down. Among tonight’s stories, a shocking report reveals serious safety concerns over some of the country’s best-known companies, and the team tackles a problem that more viewers have been in touch about than almost any other, unravelling how you could find yourself being billed for mobile phone services you’re sure you never agreed to, or that don’t even exist.

The episode featuring SureCloud is available on-demand via BBC iPlayer here.

Learn about SureCloud’s previous appearance on Watchdog here, where SureCloud Operations Director (Cybersecurity) Luke Potter discusses a vulnerability found on a children’s device manufactured by Vtech which granted attackers full root control over Storio Max devices,  including access webcam, speakers and microphone.

Click here for the full technical walkthrough on ‘clickjacking’.

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