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SureCloud has announced a cloud-based service to help mid-sized companies achieve regulatory compliance more readily

Risk and compliance specialist SureCloud has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product which combines cloud-based security tools to enable mid-sized organisations to refine and automate the process of auditing their IT services for regulatory compliance.

“Compliance is an onerous activity that requires you to audit everything; we aim to streamline that, allowing mid-sized companies to cover more ground with less cost,” said Richard Hibbert, SureCloud’s CEO. “We can’t remove your need to comply, but we can make it easier for you to do.”

Hibbert said the toolset, called the SureCloud Collaborative Compliance Platform, had three major functional areas: assessment and monitoring; process automation for the likes of vulnerability remediation, incident response and compliance auditing; and tools needed to demonstrate and prove compliance.

He added that as SaaS, it would give a mid-sized company access to enterprise-grade technology that it could not otherwise afford.

“Vulnerability scanning and event management are vital, as you need to know your vulnerabilities and what’s happened as a result of them,” he said. “The trouble is they are onerous to manage – that’s where we come in.” He said that of course a company can never outsource its risks and responsibilities, but it can buy in services and automation to help it deal with them.

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