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SureCloud Cybersecurity Practice Director Luke Potter and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant Mark Wardlow will feature on the final episode of BBC One’s Rip Off Britain holiday series (Series 7, episode 15) which will air on January 25th, 2019 at 9:15 AM.

Julia Somerville, Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon look at some of the risks that traveling could present to someone’s health, or even their identity, with advice to limit the dangers from the ones that can be avoided.

The BBC approached cybersecurity experts, SureCloud to give insight into the hidden dangers of taking boarding pass selfies, to look at why people’s most valuable personal details could be vulnerable. Read our blog here. 

You will be able to watch SureCloud’s episode of “Rip Off Britain” on the BBC’s website here. (**Please note this episode is not currently available**)

Learn about SureCloud’s first appearance on Rip Off Britain here, where the team discussed cybercrime with a couple who had fallen victim to internet fraud here.

Read about SureCloud’s second appearance on Rip Off Britain, where the team gave insight into how a “SMShing” attack was possible against an individual who lost £15,000 here.

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