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In 2016 we launched several GDPR implementation and security applications, such as the GDPR Applications Suite and Risk Manager for IRAM2. IRAM2 is a Risk Assessment Methodology that was designed by the ISF to help risk, business and technology leaders to develop a robust yet simple and practical approach to managing risk across their organisation. The methodology has been implemented on the SureCloud platform, helping to streamline the assessment process and enabling users to run and administer multiple assessments simultaneously.

What benefits does the SureCloud Platform provide?

  • Centralisation of content and workflow to automate aspects of the process
  • Automatic notifications and offline assessments
  • Multi-assessment management and status tracking
  • Aggregation across assessments and business focused reporting
  • Links to other GRC applications such as Compliance Manager for BAU activities

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The GDPR Applications Suite

SureCloud has created a range of GDPR Applications to help organisations achieve and maintain compliance with the new rules. Our GDPR Compliant Applications Suite comprise of Gap Analysis, GDPR Manager, Information Asset Manager, Incident Manager, Compliance Manager, and Assessment Manager for GDPR.

GDPR Gap Analysis – this is every organisation’s first step in preparing for the European Union’s new GDPR approved in 2016 and which shall be coming into force in early 2018. The GDPR Articles have been scrutinised by specialists and consolidated into 90 Controls across nine Control Areas to aid in assessing your organisations readiness for GDPR.

GDPR Manager – contains workflows and assessments to aid in achieving ongoing compliance against the new GDPR regulations that are coming into force in early 2018. The elements of our GDPR Manager allows you to quickly and easily identify Data Controllers to appoint and assign Data Protection Officers directly to data and processes, you can collect and manage Subject Access and Right to Erasure requests and more. For additional information on SureCloud’s GDPR Compliant Applications Suite: download the datasheet.

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2017 –  Cloud-Based GRC Application Releases for Q1

  • Risk Manager for Operations
  • Risk Manager for ISMS
  • Business Continuity Manager

Risk Manager for Operations –   this is a dedicated operational Risk Management tool that provides an alternative to point-in-time risk assessments. Here are some of the features and benefits: users will be able to create and assign assessments for completion directly with the SMEs, manage and aggregate the results of multiple assessment types/methodologies within a single register (IT, HSE, CSR, Corporate and more).

Risk Manager for ISMS – Risk Assessment methodology designed and developed during our SureCloud’s ISO27001 accreditation, it is ideal for undertaking ISMS risk assessments or can be used in any project requiring an information orientated methodology. Key elements: classification and protective marking of data and their owner, confidentiality, Integrity and Availability assessments for Information Assets, Business Impact Assessments for Products and Services

Business Continuity (BC) Manager – Identifies and assesses the products and services with the highest business impact to an organisations revenue streams, facilitating the development and testing of disaster recovery plans and longer term return to BAU.

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Rapid GRC Implementation Process

SureCloud continues to receive praises for its speedy implementation process that has led to a 95% client satisfaction rate. Over the last six months our GRC Implementation Team successfully implemented several applications across various sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Media, Technology, and more.  Compliance Manager and Third Party Risk Manager were the two main applications implemented for clients, followed by Risk Manager, Audit Manager and Incident Manager.  SureCloud’s average implementation time is between 8 – 10 weeks. However, most of our new clients were live within a three – week time frame.  There are also quite a few implementations in progress, the majority of which are due to go-live this side of the New Year.

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