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The easyJet Traveller magazine explains to their readers how to get cyber-savvy featuring advice from us here at SureCloud – They discuss entry point for attackers, what users should do when on the move and when using a social network on wifi.

The fears of Phishing

SureCloud’s Senior Cybersecurity Director Luke Potter advises easyJet’s Simeon de la Torre, reporting on with online security threats ever-increasing, what web-users can do to reduce risk online concerning entry points for attackers. Phishing is often the most common way of attackers gaining your personal information through your emails. This year our survey we asked what you were most worried about being compromised by, 63% of you said being compromised by a targeted phishing attack.

Luke makes it clear that everyone should take steps to protect themselves online and not leave it only to cyber professionals.

“It is critical that organisations adopt a ‘top-down’ approach to Cybersecurity, meaning that engagement is gained at executive and board level for cyber-resilience and that it is propagated throughout the workforce. Cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone in the company, not just the IT or information security team – we all have an obligation”

Luke Potter – SureCloud’s Senior Cybersecurity Director

The risks of boarding pass bar codes

This follows after Luke’s report with the BBC which demonstrated how passengers who post images of the pass on social media, or discard the pass after flying, could leave themselves vulnerable to data theft, identity fraud and account takeover. Using barcode scanning mobile apps that are easily obtainable from app stores, SureCloud’s researchers were able to obtain personal data such as the individual’s full name, document verification number and airline frequent flyer account number from an image of a volunteer’s recently-used boarding pass that they had posted to social media.


Read easyJet Traveller’s full article: “Keeping Cyber-Safe And Cyber-Sound” Pages 3-6 in their October 2019 edition or you can download the article at the bottom of this page.

About Luke

Luke oversees SureCloud Cybersecurity Solutions. He also manages our Secure Private Cloud. Luke is a recognized cybersecurity expert. He is a CHECK team leader, Tiger Scheme senior security tester, ISO 27001 lead auditor and Microsoft Certified enterprise administrator. Previously, Luke managed the IT team at a large UK insurance brokerage.


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