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Cybersecurity Consultant, Sarka Pekarova, joined the UKFast Webinar: Protect your Business against a Cyber Attack on the 20th November.

As people and processes increasingly become more and more dependent upon digital technology when it comes to business, it should come as no surprise that cybersecurity breaches have also risen, with the potential for scams and security breaches high on the minds of many business owners.

A single successful attack could seriously damage your business and cause financial burden for you and your customers, as well as affecting your business’s reputation.

Putting an effective cybersecurity plan in place has become crucial if your business accesses the internet or email to conduct business, with tools and processes readily available to put in place to safeguard your business from cyber-threats.

Watch UKFast’s webinar here to understand the simple steps that you can take to help protect your business and maintain customer trust and confidence.

About Sarka:

Sarka has rich information security experience which she has gained in over ten years working in various roles from defensive side (SOC engineer to SOC manager) to her current position as penetration tester at leading penetration testing company, SureCloud.

Through continuous penetration testing, SureCloud’s Pentest-as-a-Service© challenges the traditional model of reactive project-based security testing into an always-on subscription service. Sarka has a deep understanding of securing information systems, identifying attack vectors and helping organizations to defend their assets from her defensive career. She can also identify attack vectors and vulnerabilities in web applications, both internal and external infrastructure, as well as payment systems.

Sarka is an industry recognized social engineer and physical penetration tester thanks to her training with SureCloud, talks and media articles.

About SureCloud:

SureCloud is a provider of Cybersecurity services and cloud-based, integrated Risk Management products, which reinvent the way you manage risk. Certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) & CREST and delivered using the innovative Pentest-as-a-Service© (underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform), SureCloud acts as an extension of your in-house security team and ensures you have everything you need to improve your risk posture.

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