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Pain-free GRC

SureCloud Assist reduces the time and cost of supporting your GRC solution by taking away the need to have dedicated people to manage the day-to-day administration and to make configuration changes. Allowing you to fully out-source your GRC application administration.

GRC that flexes to your way of working

GRC programs need room to grow and mature. Systems need to adapt, be dynamic, and prepared for change. SureCloud Assist gives you the ability to make unlimited* updates and changes as you want on-demand as your organisational needs change.

SureCloud offers a flexible subscription model to cover your enterprise needs.

*fair use policy and limitations apply

Your organisation can benefit from…

  • The ability to leverage a broad range of skills without the equivalent cost in full-time staff;
  • Documented applications and a large pool of resources to remove reliance on key personnel;
  • Best practice design and configuration to ensure your applications deliver maximum value;

Quality guaranteed

Your team can feel assured that your GRC solutions are deployed with industry best practices by our on-demand GRC team to avoid unnecessary production issues. You can gain access to our expert, GRC consultants with follow the sun support who will guide and apply your change requests.

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