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  • How do you maintain a central list of third parties or partners you work with as well as tracking the status of that relationship?


  • How do you assess and then regularly re-assess your third parties or partners without resorting to a manual exchange of emails and Excel (or similar) spreadsheets which causes significant complexity in tracking and consolidating results?


  • How do you ensure that your network of partners or third parties does not undermine the level of security you apply internally?



SureCloud provides a holistic view of third-party risk within your organization, integrating with wider IT risk management processes and even your data privacy program. SureCloud helps you create a centralized register of your third parties and consolidates all of their responses to your assessments within our Vendor Risk Management software, meaning you can finally have a comprehensive view across your suppliers and the risk they may pose to your organization.


Additionally, SureCloud is smart enough to only ask questions of your third parties that directly apply to them, avoiding assessment fatigue (one of the most significant sources of “no response” when it comes to assessing third parties).


Download and read the full datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


Vendor Risk Management

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