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A spreadsheet-based approach offers many challenges:


• A high volume of silo processes underpinned by spreadsheets is operationally inefficient and invisible to management.


• Management reporting processes are labour-intensive and unproductive, due to the lack of automation of spreadsheets.


• Highly skilled compliance and risk personnel are relegated to spreadsheet administration, rather than reducing the enterprise’s exposure to risk.


• A lack of central visibility and ad-hoc management of tasks and project activity makes it difficult to track progress.


• Difficult to assimilate and analyze data to support business decisions.



The SureCloud Platform offers cheaper, quicker, and easier process automation, providing the following benefits:


• A clarified user interface, building on the familiar concept of spreadsheets.


• Work with your existing practices with minimal change.


• Jumpstart your program with out-of-the-box, best practice process templates.• User-based pricing, which is conducive to starting small and demonstrating value before a wider rollout.


• A centralized, single version of the truth where management has overall visibility, and all process participants can contribute regardless of their geographic location.


Learn more about the SureCloud Platform here

Download and read the full datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


The SureCloud Platform Datasheet

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