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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that organizations securely and lawfully store and process personal data of European residents, but how do you start your GDPR compliance journey? A GDPR compliance program requires a high level of coordination, multiple work streams across many stakeholders and attention to detail to ensure no gaps are missed.



SureCloud’s GDPR Program Tracker solution provides organizations with a starting point for their GDPR journey and then helps manage the program on an ongoing basis as you gain increasing levels of program maturity. One or more trackers can be run across the organizations to provide clarity and prioritization over which activities need to occur as the GDPR compliance program evolves. These activities can be tracked across multiple work streams and over time allowing you the ability to show program progress and status.


SureCloud’s GDPR compliance software works seamlessly with SureCloud’s wider data privacy management solutions to give you a truly integrated privacy management solution.


Learn more about our GDPR Program Tracker Solution here.

Download and read the full datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


GDPR Program Tracker Datasheet

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