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Complying with laws, standards, frameworks or regulations can be an expensive, complicated and labour-intensive process. Having responsibility for the Compliance program itself is frustrating when contacting and capturing details from various stakeholders. This becomes a resource-intensive task and providing any kind of update to senior management is then complex and time-consuming.


Achieving and proving compliance is equally complicated as you need to show how you identify suitable controls, apply and then test them to ensure effectiveness. Many organizations manage their compliance processes using manual systems like spreadsheets, where centralized control and reporting on compliance activity is often unachievable.


SureCloud’s Compliance Management software refocuses the attention on the original objective of managing controls; providing a simple out-of-the-box control framework for practitioners and newcomers. SureCloud’s Compliance Management software includes centralized control libraries that are pre-populated with standards and regulations, which can be referenced by multiple departments or business entities.


Individuals or groups are assigned ownership to assess the effectiveness and maturity of controls; allowing compliance professionals to focus on risk mitigation activities. Exceptions for each control can be logged, and any improvement activities delegated to facilitators. Finally, your compliance program and its effectiveness can be tracked in real-time through live dashboard charts and reports within SureCloud’s compliance solution.

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